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Learn How I Scaled a $20 Million Agency in Just 5 Years

It’s not about getting rich quickly, but it certainly doesn’t have to take forever.

My Amazon Guy Case Study

I’ve successfully scaled my repeatable system. Discover How You Too Can Grow Your Agency.

My Amazon Guy was founded in 2018 by Steven Pope in his basement with a single LinkedIn post and a dream. Since then Steven has grown the company into a $20 million dollar agency with more than 400 recurring revenue clients and over 400 employees.

Along the way, he has had to reinvent the company multiple times to be able to keep up with the demand, and unfortunately, there has not been a roadmap on how to grow an agency this large in the Amazon space. 

Growing and scaling an agency in the Amazon space is hard.

Growing an Amazon agency can be overwhelming. You have to keep up with the ever-changing Amazon algorithms while also managing a revolving door of clients. You get a new client and are excited.

Then a client emails to say they aren’t happy with the results they’re getting and wants to cancel… how do you keep up with it all? (and keep sanity with your life). Then there are staffing issues and how do you create systems that don’t require you to be involved.

Sellers have an almost infinite stream of content teaching them what to do and how to grow their businesses, but who is there to help you? (especially in this ultra competitive space)

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to figure it all out by yourself.

My Amazon Guy presents Steven Pope’s Journey: From Basement to $20 Million Agency

Founded by Steven Pope in 2018, My Amazon Guy had its beginnings in a basement, propelled by a single LinkedIn post and a visionary dream. Since those modest origins, Steven has skillfully steered the company’s growth, transforming it into a $20 million agency with over 400 recurring revenue clients and a workforce exceeding 400 employees.

Throughout this journey, he undertook multiple transformations of the company to meet the surging demand. Regrettably, there hasn’t been a clearly defined path for nurturing an agency of this scale within the Amazon landscape.

The wisdom he acquired and the strategies he devised are now accessible to aspiring individuals who share the remarkable dream of establishing their own Amazon empire.

My Amazon Guy Founder Steven Pope

Here's how Steven Pope did it

The Core Four of Lead Generation
This involves knowing your audience, creating a compelling offer, selecting effective communication channels, and closely monitoring results. By focusing on these four elements, businesses can refine their strategies and attract potential customers efficiently.

  • Warm Outreach – How I got to $1M
  • Content – How I got to $10M
  • Cold Outreach – How I got to $20M
  • Run Paid Ads – How I will get to $50M
The Core Four of Lead Generation

Make Content

Warm Outreach

Steven published a  LinkedIn post about how he got his first client. It was  for $3,000 a month and happened within 48 hours of the post (April 2, 2018).

This is warm outreach because someone in Steven’s network referred a client.

Steven, now a Top Advertising Voice on LinkedIn, has over 45,000 followers and growing everyday.

Make Content

Create Daily Videos

Consistent content posting on YouTube is crucial for audience engagement and algorithmic favor, leading to increased visibility and subscriber growth. It builds a valuable content library and enhances brand credibility.

With My Amazon Guy now in its fifth year, Steven’s constant output of videos has resulted in over 1,500 educational videos on a wide range of topics about Amazon and business in general.

Make Content

Daily LinkedIn Posts

Daily LinkedIn posts paint you as a thought leader, flaunt your expertise, and build your professional brand.

Consistency breeds trust and engagement, paving the way for business growth.

Make Content

Live Q&As and Building Other Influencers Within the Agency

Steven began with hosting live Q&A by himself on YouTube, then later on tapped amazing talent within the company to create more topic-specific live programs. My Amazon Guy now has four weekly programs that people can join live.

Internal influencers can help showcase your products, sharing authentic experiences, and building trust with potential customers. Moreover, having multiple voices within your company can diversify your content and allow for a broader reach across different segments of your target audience.

Cold Outreach

Built an Outbound Sales System

  • Year 1-2: Steven did all sales
  • Year 3: Steven hired his father to help with inbound
  • Year 4: Built outbound team hired to 12 AE/BDRs
  • Year 5: Built cold call system, scaled to 30 sales members

Building an outbound sales system ensures efficiency and scalability in reaching potential leads, optimizing outreach efforts for increased sales and business growth.

Cold Outreach


PPC is where Steven is right now. 

PPC Advertising for Cold Outreach

Sales Process

Run Paid Ads

Contract Types

– Clients would cancel when we succeed

– Fairest between both parties, improved retention

As seen in:

Constant Growth and Improvement

We built a culture focused on people and learning.

Creating 100 Jobs

It’s empowering to say we created 100 jobs. The first 100 were the hardest.

From 100 Employees to 300 in 8 months

Our growth accelerated and we had to hire a high volume quickly. We called it a BHAG – A Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

MAG School was Launched with Similar Growth

Teaching at scale and giving structure to thousands of students is dear to Steven Pope’s heart.

Never Lose a Customer

Added a TON of services, creating a large flywheel.

  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Design
  • Catalog

Give Customers What They Want

Give Customers What They Want

Grew a strong team the right way

Over 100,000 people applied to work at MAG in two years. How did we find the right people for the company

MAG School now has 19 courses available to help both Amazon sellers and agencies manage the ever-changing landscape of Amazon.

MAG’s Mission: To be Earth’s Most Seller-Centric Company

Our company values make our organization better. We encourage growth, proficiency, communication, and prioritize progress over perfection. And for our managers, we promote leadership, respect, accountability, and ownership in order to build a successful company, attract talent, achieve goals, and gain trust.

Core Values

  • Learning


    Never ending acquisition of knowledge & skills.

  • Eagerness

    To get started. Keenness. Bias for fresh action.

  • Tech Savvy

    Type 55+ WPM, Excel guru, Google enthusiast, uses Slack threads.

  • Consistent Communication

    Frequently convey info with clarity, accuracy, and purpose to all parties.

  • Traction


    Make MAG's vision a reality, everyday.

Manager Values

  • Multiply Yourself

    Multiply Yourself

    Replace yourself to scale MAG. 1+1=3.

  • Soft on the People

    Treat employees with respect and sincerity.

  • Tough on the Issues

    Accountability of those you manage. Holding to metrics.

  • Extreme Ownership

    Seizes accountability. Prioritizes then executes. Maintains discipline to create a simple but often difficult plan of action in motion at all times.

  • Radical Candor

    Feedback Faster. Telling direct reports where they stand every single day. Tell it like it is.

Scoring System

Scoring System​

MAG Bar (5 Core Values)

Minimum score of (3+) and (2 +/-). A score of (-) on any of the 5 core values is an automatic failure.

PS: Things I tried that did NOT work to gain clients or generate revenue (for me)

PSS: Worst Mistake I Ever Made

Spending 2-million dollars on creating a software.
It was called HiBird, and I killed it when Chat GPT came out. (Never launched it.) I was trying to recreate:

Why Are We Offering My Agency Guy to Agencies?

Agencies, freelancers, and service providers frequently approach Steven seeking assistance in scaling their businesses.

Due to this demand, Steven has recognized that while there is an abundance of content available for Amazon sellers, there is a gap in programs designed to address the unique challenges faced by agency owners.

In response to this need, My Amazon Guy has introduced the My Agency Guy Growth Programs, aimed at helping agency owners elevate their businesses to new heights.

“I run an Education company that happens to be an Agency” – Steven Pope

How to grow an Agency?

Growth for an agency involves many factors and presents numerous challenges. Here’s a clip that showcases what agency owners were interested in learning from Steven during his live Q&A about My Agency Guy.

Watch on YouTube

Mina Elias ($0 to $4M)

Hear from fellow Amazon expert and industry influencer Mina Elias as he talks about how he scaled up big time.

Watch on YouTube

Ready to get started?

You’ll be guided by 5 years of wide experience in Amazon, organized in programs to help you scale your agency.

You will learn proven systems to build and scale your Amazon focused agency. Backed up by My Amazon Guy’s $20 million revenue and experience generating over $800 million in sales generated on Amazon for clients.

Scaling an agency is hard, but we will show you the way.

Derek McEwen - Testimonial

“Your posts on YouTube and LinkedIn have been immensely helpful! From quick tips to longer tutorials, my business wouldn’t be where it is without you. So… thanks!” – Derek McEwen

Muhammad Athar

“Your live session of agency building was amazing. Special thanks for all the videos and courses you’ve built to help my agency grow.” – Muhammad Athar

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I listen to 2-3 audiobooks a week and I use SHOKZ while jogging to lose weight.